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Talkie OCR - Image to Speech

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Lazy Reader. We've got a solution for you!

I2S Talkie OCR is a state-of-the-art OCR Scanner that practically turns almost any images with human readable characters into text content which is in turn transformed into human voice in your native language & accent.

Detect Input Language Automatically
& Speaks your Accent!

Once the image data (Book page, magazine, journal, scientific paper, etc.) recognized & transformed into text content, you'll be able to playback that text in your local accent & over 45 languages of your choice!

Built-in Translation Service

Text output not understood? no problem, use the built-in translation service & get your text translated to over 75 languages of your choice.

Generate PDF, Copy & Share

Generate PDF on the fly, Copy to device clipboard &, share your text output with friends.

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  • State of the art OCR processing algorithm.
  • Ability to recognize the input language automatically.
  • Speaks over 45 languages & their accents.
  • Translate output to over 70 languages of your choice.
  • Generate PDF, Share your output & Give your feedback.

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Powered by PixLab - Machine Vision APIs